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The season has come to an end. The huskies have achieved a great number of kilometres this winter and have always given their best.  We had a wonderful season and we are now looking forward to a well earned break in the low season. The puppies have all developed well and already looking forward to getting their first taste next autumn of working with the rest of the pack.    

springtime and summertime 28.1.22 perfect conditions first walk in the big wide world Indian summer 28.7.21 What about a walk with the huskies? or a trip with the canoe? good summertimes deep winter again in the middle of april... perfectly on time our easter lambs :-) 9.4.21 still perfect conditions... new puppy-boy with mother nora 27.2.21 Daytrip over the Drevfjäll to Tysksätern our nosy Alpacas cool down after a long trip on foot for a change :-) Alfred, a real sledge dog :-) January 21: our doghandlers from France and Germany Lena, Madlen, Brian and Camille The restaurant in the village is open, for more informations 16.12.20 First sledtour in the new snow 26.5.20 today the alpacas have been shorn last seasontour in the end of april waiting for the tourists snowed in... tired and happy dogs after the tour :-) Tour in the fresh fallen snow finally enough snow in february pärlemormoln Eveninghike In the end of January, all snow gone, only ice on the lakes... Tour in January